PushCoin offers an exciting referral program! Spread the word by giving your peers the opportunity to learn more about PushCoin. If we hear your name as the referral source and the platform is adopted by the organization you referred us to, we will share with you a quarter of PushCoin revenue from that organization for the next 12 months!

It gets better yet. As you know, schools in particular may take a little time to ramp up use of a new technology. For example, a school may start with the PushCoin cafeteria POS, kick off the online store and complete the integration by adopting the parents billing module, all of which takes time. This way it’s not unusual for a school to double the number of PushCoin transactions somewhere between the second and third year. To account for the ramp up, we continue paying you the difference in revenue between the first year and the next two years! If you think “it’s peanuts”, don’t. Plus, you helped your fellow school business officials improve their systems, saved school money and streamlined their processes.

The referral program not only reaffirms us of our customers satisfaction but also gives us the opportunity to express our “THANK YOU” by giving back.

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact us via phone or email.

PushCoin Team