LaGrange School District 102 uses the online payment system PushCoin. Please note the following refund procedures.

The PushCoin system will be used for all student payments to the District, including student fee payments and purchases in the cafeteria and webstore. No refunds will be given on deliverable items such as, but not limited to, the following: P.E. uniforms, yearbooks, purchased school books, locks, etc. Balances in a student wallet can be used to pay fees and for purchases in the cafeteria and District 102 webstore.

Contributions to a student’s PushCoin wallet should be made in amounts that reasonably can be expended by the student each school year. As long as your student remains in District 102, no refund from a student wallet will be issued. Refunds from a student wallet will only be processed when there is a qualifying event. Graduating 8th graders with available funds and younger siblings will automatically transfer to younger siblings’ PushCoin account. For graduating 8th graders with no younger siblings and students transferring out of the District must complete a refund request to receive a refund. For balances under $65.00, unless a refund request is received, they will be donated to the Student Scholarship Fund. If you wish to donate funds over $65.00, please contact the Business Office. If no refund request has been received, within 6 months of your child’s last day of attendance at a D102 school, those funds will automatically be applied to the District Scholarship Fund. No automatic refunds will occur.

For School 2020-2021 – Due to the many challenges and unknowns created by the COVID-19 pandemic, fees paid prior to the start of the FY 2021 school year will be refunded at 100% (minus any credit card fees) if you decide to withdraw your child from D102 and not utilize any of the services provided by the school or district. Should you enroll at a later date, then fees will be collected following standard procedures.