The following steps explain how to upload and manage large amounts of images (student photos) in your PushCoin account.

  1. Using a Secure FTP (SFTP) client, such as WinScp or FileZilla, login to

     icon-warning Important: You must provide PushCoin with the IP address or the IP range from where the uploads will originate. Otherwise all SFTP connection attempts will time out due to firewall blocking them.

    The login credentials for the SFTP service are not the same as your PushCoin website login. You were provided with the SFTP credentials separately when you signed up for PushCoin. If you don’t remember or lost this information, send an email to

  2. After a successful login, you should be taken to the directory named after your login name – if not, locate the directory that matches your login name and enter it. This is your school’s private repository and nobody else has read nor write access to it.
  3. Upload the student pictures under the user-pictures directory.
  4. You don’t need to scale (resize) the images prior to uploading. Feel free to upload the original files from a camera. The minimum recommended resolution of student photo is 600 pixels wide and saved in JPEG. There is no limit on the individual file size, the number of files you can upload nor the frequency of uploads.  You can repeat these tasks as often as you wish, overriding, creating or deleting old images.
  5. Each file must be named after the student ID or employee ID: <student-ID>.jpg  Files that do not follow this naming will be ignored and eventually deleted.
  6. Please allow up to 30 minutes for image processing and content distribution. During that time, some images may not be available for viewing in POS terminals or online.
  7. For student privacy, images are not accessible by the name they were uploaded with. For example, if you uploaded an image file 201212012.jpg a parent would access it through an encrypted link like 61f5cd76299d1c2cdcbd6a8405e42a715f63063e47ec9bf6608654c3.jpg

This completes the student photo upload steps.