Cashier login is a feature of PushCoin Point of Sale that permits:

  • A secure terminal login with a unique password per cashier.
  • Ability to trace every sale to a cashier operating the terminal.
  • Remotely disable or enable individual cashier’s access to terminals.
  • Tell if a cashier is short- or over-cash in her drawer at the end of a day.

What you need to do

Add at least one cashier to your PushCoin account. Otherwise, your terminals will refuse to make transactions since a cashier login is required to unlock a terminal.

How to add a cashier

  1. Login to as an administrator.
  2. On the left side menu, click Cashiers (see screenshot)
  3. Click New Cashier, fill out the form including a unique password for each cashier, hit Submit.
  4. Repeat step #3 for all the cashiers in your organization.

 Can a single cashier-login be used among multiple operators?

Yes. Simultaneous sessions of the same cashier-login across many terminals are allowed.

TIP: If you don’t care to track sales per cashier and you are OK with them sharing a single password then a single cashier-login may suffice.

Can the cashier change her password?

No. Only the account administrator with the PushCoin website access can change the cashier’s password.

Can multiple cashier-logins have the same password?


Can a password consist of numbers-only (aka PIN)?


What is the minimum password length?

The minimum password length is 6 characters — digits, letters or a mix. There is no restriction on the character used in the password, except that it cannot start nor end with a white-space.

Does a cashier-login work on the PushCoin website?

No. Terminal and website logins are not interchangeable.