Unfortunately this is not supported anymore.  PushCoin was created and continually evolves thanks to frequent feedback from parents and school business officials. Security of personal and financial data is often the subject of feedback we receive. Given the number of stolen credit cards and bank accounts circulating the “dark web”, our team decided that we will not withdraw money automatically from any of our customer accounts without explicit permission. This means that every transaction requires a successful login to our site and entering the CVV code from the back of the card.

Separately from the security aspect, parents would forget about setting up the automatic reloading of the lunch accounts and later disputed transactions through their card or bank institution. Every dispute involved a legal team and inflicted cost on the School District.

Parents who have a PushCoin account receive purchase receipts via email every time their student goes through a lunch line or when the account balance is low.  The email receipt includes the ending balance. Acting on the email receipt is easy and secure – most parents can fund their student wallets in about 20 seconds once they are familiar with our site. We believe this to be a fair compromise of convenience for the improved security.

Thank you,
PushCoin Support