When a school uses PushCoin fee rule engine for student fees, the system automatically charges students mandatory fees such as registration, activity, course or technology fees. The automation of fees removes the burden from the school administrators and works well for the majority of the student cases. However there are situations where a school-wide rule needs to be overridden. This can be done for any student, under the Fee exceptions tab.

To waive a particular fee or apply a discount, click the Add exception button. In the dialog that opens, choose the fee from the drop-down. If you intend to discount 100% of the charge, enter o (zero) for the New charge. Otherwise, enter the amount that you wish to charge instead of the original charge. Provide a short note explaining why the discount is applied and click Submit.

Keep in mind that the discount is not applied immediately, i.e. it needs to be approved by the school-authorized person. Every day the system periodically evaluates all currently assigned fees. During the run, it considers any exceptions added since the last time it ran and makes appropriate adjustments. If you overrode a student’s fee through the Fee exception mechanism described here, the system first queues up a refund of the original charge then, after the refund is approved, it queues up a new charge that reflects your New charge amount for that fee.