Note: The steps described here are only for the 14″ “silver-bezel” terminals.

  1. Go to Settings, Backup & resetFactory data reset. Click on RESET DEVICE button at the bottom.
  2. When device comes back it’s wiped clean. Go to Settings and configure the WiFi so it’s functional again.
  3. Next, go to Apps, F-Droid. Make a pull-down-to-refresh gesture (slide from top-down) to kick off updates right away. This will start the updates and may take a minute or so. The F-Droid app will restart after the updates finish downloading and installing.
  4. Open the F-Droid app (if it closed after the update), then go to Settings at the bottom of the page, then Repositories.
  5. Click +NEW REPOSITORY button and type in: in the dialog that opens. Close it.
  6. Go back while still in the F-Droid app and go to Latest (a button at the bottom).
  7. Click the search button in F-Droid (a magnifying icon) and type “reggie”. Install it.
  8. When the Reggie app finishes installing, place the shortcut of the app on the main screen, preferably anchor it to the bottom panel.
  9. Launch the Reggie app and enter its Registration code obtained from the PushCoin website.

If you plan on using a barcode scanner or a PIN-pad please connect it now. When an external input device is connected for the first time – specially after the factory reset – the Android OS disables the on-screen keyboard as it assumes the physical keyboard took over. When that happens, go to Settings > Language & input > Current Keyboard. Turn on the Show input method.