Effective September 14, 2019, the CSV/JSON result of calling the endpoint /api/v1/guest/customers will change as follows:

  • user_biometrics_permitted (dropped)
  • last_wallet_tx_iso_time (dropped)
  • last_wallet_tx_date (dropped)
  • homeroom (added)


The user_biometrics_permitted has not been used since the deprecation of biometric identification of students.

The last_wallet_tx_iso_time and last_wallet_tx_date put excessive computational overhead to retrieve.

The homeroom was added primarily for printing of cafeteria mealcards. In addition it was noted that several schools resorted to using one of the user_data_[0..9] fields to convey the homeroom information. It therefore makes sense to provide a dedicated field – both on the import and the export sides – given how useful this data is.