If one of your POS terminals is not upgrading regularly or at all, this could be caused by a corrupted profile of the application called F-Droid, the package manager we rely on. This article will help you quickly restore the automatic updates of Reggie.

The steps described here MAY erase locally stored transactions. It’s good practice to verify that all transactions were successfully uploaded to the cloud before continuing.

Launch the Android Settings application.

Go to Apps.

Click on the F-Droid line.

Locate the CLEAR DATA button and click it. Confirm when asked.

Leave the Android Settings by going to homescreen. Since we cleared all of the F-Droid’s application data, we need to restore the F-Droid’s settings next.

Start the F-Droid application from the applications Launcher.

From the panel at the bottom of F-Droid, click the Settings button. Next, Enable Automatically install updates and set Automatic update interval to “every 4 hours”.

Click on the Repositories, still in the F-Droid Settings.

Click the +NEW REPOSITORY button and add the PushCoin repository URL: https://fdroid.pushcoin.com

Go to Updates – still in F-Droid – and pull-down to refresh by tapping in the middle of the screen and, while holding the finger pressed against the screen, move it down.

Done – updates will install and automation should resume.