During the Thanksgiving week of 2019, we will apply a series of incremental updates to accounts using the Fees rule engine. If your school relies on PushCoin to automatically assign fees to students, your account will be affected. During the update window which is expected to last 5 days, you will not be able to approve fee changes.

Why the update

We added features and made enhancements with this update. Here are some of them:

  • Prorated fees. Soon, you will be able to specify dates (on the product’s configuration page) that will instruct the Fee rule engine how to prorate the fee. Initially only charges will support proration. Depending on the community feedback we may add prorated refunds later.
  • Multi-coupons support. In order to roll out multiple coupons per student, the fee rule engine had to be enhanced to understand that a change in student coupons does not imply fee adjustment, i.e. if the coupon change was unrelated to the fees.
  • Performance. In the past, the fee rule engine took a while to evaluate the fees of students, specially at large districts. This limited the runs to once a day. The new engine is capable of evaluating fees in a few seconds making it suitable for running multiple times a day if needed.
  • Safety. When approving fees, the system will alert you if new fee changes queued up between the time you opened the page and clicked the Approve button. We are also removing the ability to view/edit the fee rules directly in the web admin console. The rules are written in a programming language and require solid familiarity with coding to make adjustments without breaking anything. Due to this complexity, we prefer to handle them on the back going forward.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ask@pushcoin.com