Today, if a SIS managed fee‘s refund period expires, the fees automation leaves it alone. This has become a point of confusion for a number of school administrators wondering why their newly added fee exceptions are sometimes ignored. With this change – effective February 7th – the system will forcefully apply refunds (and charges) following the fee exceptions added to student accounts.

It’s important to note that there should be a school year embedded in the fee’s billing code, which is a standard practice already. Otherwise a fee that was assigned years ago may get refunded. As long as the school year is present in the fee’s billing code, the new behavior will work as expected for your school.

When this change goes in effect, it will no longer be possible to manually refund SIS managed fees of active students, regardless of the refund-expiration. This is intentional – any changes to student assigned fees must be carried out through the appropriate fee exceptions.

If you spot unexpected actions queued up on the SIS pending fees page after February 7th, do not approve; contact PushCoin support to help you understand what’s happening.