School cafeterias will not be the same, at least not for a while. To support social distancing requested by Federal, State, or local authorities, schools must arrange serving and consuming meals in non-congregate settings.

One strategy that schools are adopting is to suspend point-of-sale checkouts and provide students with prepackaged meals. To be cost effective and compliant with the NSLP program, it’s important to know how many meals should be ordered for a given day. NSLP student counts are already known; for non-NSLP students, schools direct parents to the PushCoin webstore where parents order meals days or weeks in advance. The sum of NSLP students and the webstore purchased meals is the total number of meals that should be ordered from the food company for that day, plus a small margin of error.

The Sales to users report in PushCoin can be automatically send to the food catering company. The report is used to determine how many meals need to be prepared and dropped-off.

By leveraging the PushCoin webstore for pre-ordering meals, a school can suspend cafeteria POS terminals, avoid clustering of students around the checkout stations and reduce operational costs.

Please direct questions related to effective use of PushCoin platform to Our team is ready to assist your school setting up webstore products or provide additional tips.

Stay safe!
PushCoin Team