Part 1: Relevant to cafeteria managers or school district business office managing cafeteria products.

Login to the PushCoin Admin website to add a new Revenue Account called “SFSP Lunch Pick Up”, for example. Do not specify a meal-class because it will prevent the cashier from recording multiple sales per student per day.

Add a new product called “SFSP Lunch Pick Up – <building>”. If you have multiple buildings, create multiple products so that buildings show up on the Product Sales report. The product should feature:

  • The price of $0.00
  • Revenue Account – SFSP Lunch Pick Up
  • Product Tags – cafe, sfsp_lunch_pick_up_<building>

Make the appropriate product buttons show up on the cafeteria terminals. Go to Cafeteria – POS Menu. Click on the individual building’s menu and add the special tag bulk_lunch_pick_up_<building> OR create a new menu called SFSP Meal Pick Up and add all the special tags to this one menu (cashiers will have to choose the right button when entering bulk numbers each day).

Part 2: Relevant to POS cashiers.

Login to your PushCoin terminal.

Select GUEST (+ person) icon and then SFSP Lunch Pick Up – <building> button. In the below graphic instructions we called it Remote Lunch .

Guest-customer and one Remote Lunch item are in the checkout cart.

Click on the Remote Lunch button again.

Change the quantity and click Confirm.

After you click the green Confirm button, your Checkout cart will show “50” next to the Remote Lunch. Complete the sale by clicking the blue Checkmark.

Bulk sales can be recorded multiple times throughout the day if you have different pick up times on the same day.

To make sure your transactions went through, click on the clock icon on the left (Transaction History). Your transaction should have a checkmark next to it. If you see a yellow clock, it means that your terminal is not seeing the school’s WiFi and can’t push your transaction to the main database. Perhaps the WiFi will work within a few minutes and the clock will turn into a checkmark so be sure to re-check it. If not, leave the terminal turned on and ask your school district’s IT administrator to help connect the terminal to a reliable WiFi. If you don’t need the bulk lunch sales to be seen by your cafeteria manager or the business office the same day, you can turn off the terminal and return to it the next day to record the next day sales. Each transaction has a time stamp and will show the occurred date and time on the PushCoin Amin Site (providing your terminal is eventually connected to a working WiFi).

If you made a mistake after completing a sale, you have 20 seconds to cancel it by clicking on the red circle with a white X that will show up to the right of the GUEST icon. Once this sale goes through, you can only refund it using the PushCoin Admin website.

To logout from the terminal, click the circle at the bottom-center of the screen.


  • Terminals cannot record past day sales.
  • Recording of bulk lunch sales without student IDs is also possible in the PushCoin Admin website but it’s time consuming.