There are two ways to reset a student’s debt, for example when the account is in default. You want to inquire with the school accountant which method is preferred.

Method 1 – Transfer from a “debt collector” user.

Create a “debt collector” virtual user for the purpose of tracking all debt of students who failed to pay. This user account can be created once per school year so it’s easy to track unpaid debt in a given school year. Consider naming it “Erased debt <school year here>”. Once this new user is created, Deposit – funding type “Other” – the amount needed to zero out a balance of another student. Finally, using the Transfer button, pay off the student in default from the “Erased debt…” user.

Method 2 – Refund the charges.

Refund the charges of a student to zero the balance. This can be done manually, one by one, or in bulk via the Billing > Queued refunds page. If you have many students to zero out their balances, we can assist you in running the “Sales to users” report and uploading the refunds file. If your refund causes the student’s account to turn slightly positive (excessive refund), you can charge the account an “unpaid debt” fee, using the Virtual Terminal, to zero the balance.