When submitting a request or question for our Support Team, you can do your part to significantly shorten the response times by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Email all requests or questions to ask@pushcoin.com
  2. Brevity is key. Imagine you are a pilot talking to Air Traffic Controller; short and precise requests will get the message across just fine.
  3. If a request pertains to one or more students, include a student ID. There is no need to list tens of student IDs. Often a single student can explain the problem for the entire group.
  4. Avoid attachments with exception of screenshots. Attachments may require opening in another program which slow things down and pose a security risk.
  5. It’s often helpful to include a screenshot of the problem. Even if you include a screenshot, don’t forget to describe the problem so we know what we are looking at.
  6. Separate each request in an individual email, don’t batch them up. This way we can process requests in parallel and track their progress. So if you have five requests or questions, fire away five individual emails, don’t think too much about it.
  7. Do not include PushCoin on your internal communications. Unless you need us to act on a request, delete us from the “Cc” or “To” list.
  8. Do not send emails to a specific individual at PushCoin. Such emails end up quarantined. Only send to ask@pushcoin.com
  9. No need to reply with a “thank you”, really. It’s our job to help you and we love what we do! The fewer the responses we have the quicker we can work on the next request.

Thank you for reading this article! You have already made a difference 🙂