We are happy to share that our Fees engine has been upgraded with additional features that many schools will benefit from. The list of additional features includes:

  • Prorated refunds.
  • Enumeration-based discounts. For example, you can specify that students are not charged for more than two activities per semester regardless how many activities they are enrolled in.
  • Group (aka family) discounts. For example, family of 3+ students may receive a group discount per activity, registration fee, etc.
  • Moving-window refunds, allow you to specify a refund window in days (or weeks, months, etc) since the charge was applied, rather than expiration on a specific date of the year.

With this upgrade, PushCoin assists schools with the most complex business rules, freeing school staff from tedious, error-prone work.

The new fees system is available now. No backward incompatible changes were introduced.