In the past, it was possible for parents – and the school staff – to transfer money between the Wallets or Fees accounts regardless if the underlying funds have settled in the school bank. Effective immediately, the system requires that only settled funds can be transferred. This ensures that for any charge to have a paid off status, cash must have been received.

In addition, around December of 2022, we will be upgrading your student Wallets to behave like the Fees, whereas payments for cafeteria or web store purchases will be paid off in chronological order (with web store items having a higher priority by default) when the funds settle. After this second change, the Revenue Accounts activity report will deliver a one-click reconciliation with the bank statement. There will be a few guidelines that school staff should follow around cash deposits to make the reconciliation process as smooth as possible.

Please inform us of parent push-back that you may be receiving regarding this change. We try to strike a balance between the ease of use for our parents while improving the processes for the school business office. We hope parents will adjust to more strict system behavior but some friction is expected in the short term.