Starting September 1st, our users who came to using Microsoft Edge browser were shown a strongly worded message:

“This site has been reported as unsafe. Microsoft recommends you don’t continue to this site.”

PushCoin did not receive any upfront communication from Microsoft about this. It was just as big of a surprise to all of us at PushCoin as it was to our users. It impacted students who were denied meals because parents using Edge were afraid to fund student Wallets from fear the website was compromised.

It goes without saying that we want to thank all of our users – students, parents and school business officials – who acted by requesting Microsoft rectify this situation. On September 3rd, the message disappeared, just as suddenly as it appeared. All normal operation has been restored for our Edge users.

Despite numerous inquiries through different channels, we have not received any response from Microsoft about why or how this message came to be to this day.

Thank you,
PushCoin Team