In the past, PushCoin emailed a generic letter to all families of students who do not have a sponsor linked. With this change, it’s possible to customize the letter to your school’s needs. To request a change please contact PushCoin Support. For reference, below is the letter that is used by default:

Parent/Guardian of <student name>,

<School District name> invites you to join PushCoin today! Parents use PushCoin to pay school fees and/or fund lunch accounts. Please inquire with the School Secretary which features are available to you.

To sign up, visit and choose “I don’t have an account”. If you already have a PushCoin account, simply add the student using the code in this email.

Below are your registration codes. You will need them to add students to your PushCoin account:

  • <student code #1>
  • <student code #2>

If you have questions or would rather not receive this reminder in the future, email

Thank you,
PushCoin Team