PushCoin is pleased to announce a new feature allowing schools to take payments at student registration time.

Today, parents are invoiced school fees once per month. This works well for cases when the exact fees are not known at registration time or the student enrollment needs to be finalized. However, there are schools who would prefer to take the payment from a family right at the time of student registration, i.e. when a parent fills out the form for the upcoming school year. A new PushCoin payments feature addresses this requirement.

It works like this:

  1. A parent fills out the registration form in your student information system (SIS). At the last step, the SIS redirects the parent to a provided by us PushCoin Payment Page along with the email address of the parent who filled out the registration form.
  2. PushCoin takes the payment without requiring parents to login or sign up!
  3. Note that at this point PushCoin may not have the students in the system since payment can be for students who are new to the school district. In that case, the payment is stored under the parent’s SPONSOR account in PushCoin.
  4. At some time later when students are accepted in the school, parent links to their students in PushCoin and transfers the balance from their SPONSOR account, loaded with money from the registration time, to the student accounts.

The benefits are as follows:

  1. Parents must pay at the time of student registration, otherwise the registration is not finalized.
  2. Parents new to the district do not need to have a PushCoin account and they do not need to create the account to pay school fees. It’s a one-step, pay and move on operation.
  3. The exact fee amount that you require parents to pay at the time of registration can be different than the fee amount invoiced later. For example, if a student enrolls in sports or activities not covered by the registration payment, then you may need additional charges. Or the student may become free or reduced after the enrollment, which is ok too!
  4. If you need to issue refunds later you will be able to using already familiar methods.
  5. Your Student Information System is not exposed to banking or credit card fraud; it is not even required to support payments at all. All payments are routed quickly and securely using our proven and already familiar to you system: PushCoin!

Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you wish to use this feature in the upcoming school year. Additional time is required to complete the integration with your SIS. Due to anticipated demand we may not be able to offer this feature to customers who inquire late.