Before you request a full refund of your student’s balance, keep in mind:

  • You can always transfer – Move Money – any outstanding balance to another child in your PushCoin account, free of charge.
  • If your child advances to the next grade, but stays within the same school or school district, you can leave the balance for use in the next school year.

If your child graduates from the school or you are moving out and will no longer be using PushCoin for lunches or other school purchases, follow these simple steps to request a balance refund.

  1. Login to your PushCoin account as usual.
  2. Activate the menu (three dots) next to your student profile picture. Choose Balance refund.
  3. Fill out the form and click Request Refund. Your request will be go directly to your school district’s business office.

Tip: If you have multiple students with balances, we recommend consolidating all their balances under one student using Move funds, then requesting a single balance refund.