Thank you for your inquiry. We understand the need for a daily-limit feature from the parent’s perspective, being parents ourselves. Unfortunately, the daily limit had to be discontinued as it created a number of inefficiencies in the school cafeterias. At schools, students pick up food first then pay. When a limit was reached, cashiers had to remove food from student trays and often throw it away as not everything can be resold. In addition, it would delay the checkout lines. Students have approximately 20-25 minutes, depending on the school, to get to their cafeteria, pick up food, stand in line, pay and then sit down to eat. It’s an incredibly tight schedule so a minor delay is having an impact on everybody in the line. Finally, there is also a degree of discomfort that a student faces when a cashier has to deny him or her a sale. Other students witnessing this are not feeling comfortable either or make fun of the student. As you can imagine, schools are all about not creating tension and that’s another reason for not allowing this option.

However, it’s not all “hopeless” because we know that parents sometimes need a little assistance from the school to pass a message to their pupils. For this reason, there is an option to put a message on the screen whenever your student goes through the checkout. The message can read something like “Do not sell on negative balance” or “Do not sale snacks”. To make it clear, the message can help but it won’t forcefully stop a sale. For example, if food cannot be resold, they will proceed. You can think of it as a hint to the cashier that a parent wishes to not go negative or control calorie-intake. The message is the same regardless if the student already bought that day or items being purchased. It’s always coming up once set up. If you wish to proceed with having a message, please let us know and we can help you phrase it.