The PushCoin system is used for all student payments to the District, including student fee payments and purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore and webstore. No refunds will be given on deliverable items such as, but not limited to, the following: P.E. uniforms, handbooks, ID’s, parking permits, activity passes, yearbooks, goggles, locks, etc. Course fees may be refunded in the event of a schedule change. When a schedule change results in a refund of course fees, the refund will be made to your student’s PushCoin wallet. Balances in a student wallet can be used to pay fees and for purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore, and District webstore.

Contributions to a student’s PushCoin wallet should be made in amounts that reasonably can be expended by the student each school year. As long as your student remains in the District, no refund from a student wallet will be issued. Refunds from a student wallet will only be processed when there is a qualifying event: graduation or transfer out of the District. Parents/guardians of graduating seniors and students transferring out of the District must complete a refund request to receive a refund or a transfer to sibling request to transfer the graduate’s money to a sibling. For either transaction, click on the dollar amount that you want to transfer under Wallet Balance and complete the information as indicated. No automatic refunds will occur. ALL refunds will be made by check to the requestor.